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End-to-End Digital Marketing™

With the right plan, the proper technology, and best-in-class services you’ll be positioned for reliable, sustainable digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing Roadmap


Get from where you are to where you need to be with a digital marketing plan.

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Implement the most effective marketing automation technologies.

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The Authentia team played a key role in helping us get from the vision we had through the execution required to position us for growth.
Jamie Coutts
VP of Client Relationship and Marketing / Aria Solutions
Effective program management is underrated. You would realize this if you have the opportunity to work with Ed Blake.
Barry Rosenberg
VP Quality Assurance / Sandata Technologies
Working under Ed’s direction, I have been consistently impressed by his leadership skills and his ability to diagnose and devise viable solutions for large complex initiatives.
Julie Carceau
Operations Program Manager / United Natural Foods
Jon is an exceptional inbound marketer and is constantly discovering new ways to use social media to drive business.
Juliann Grant
VP Marketing / eCoast Marketing

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The Finely Tuned Sales and Marketing Machine [Slideshare]

Let’s face it. It’s hard to have a highly evolved digital marketing strategy when the goal posts get moved all of the time. Nevertheless, staying competitive requires that organizations be nimble and ever more sophisticated in their marketing approaches. Effective digital marketing is highly dependent on implementing the right strategies for your organization. And growing […]

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Comprehensive Content Promotion Guide

You’ve created your compelling ebook or your fabulous video or your super-handy infographic. Now what? The whole point of your content is lost if you don’t tell the world. Kind of like the Doomsday Machine from the movie Dr. Strangelove. This content promotion guide will give you a high level strategic view of how to get […]

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Ease Content Marketing Pain with CoSchedule

Content marketing is hard. According to a recent B2B marketing survey by TechValidate, the biggest challenges to content creation are the time involved to create it and difficulties promoting it. But if you’ve tried your hand at content marketing, you didn’t need a survey to tell you that. To be successful, it’s important to do […]

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What To Do About the Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed Bug is not specifically a digital marketing topic. However, I’m covering it for two reasons. First, any digital marketer is going to spend an awful lot of time online. This means that they will be particularly vulnerable to this bug. Second, I’m getting a whole bunch of emails and inquiries from people asking […]

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The Real Reason Why CopyBlogger Is Removing Commenting

[Spoiler Alert] Links. In a blog post from this past Monday, Copyblogger explained Why We’re Removing Comments on Copyblogger. It’s a smart move by some demonstrably smart marketers. They gave several perfectly good reasons why it would be a good idea for them. First, the conversation doesn’t end. They argue that social media has significantly marginalized […]

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